Aim Technologies is one of the Leading ReactJS along with React Redux Training institute in Hyderabad, offers 100% placement-oriented with real-world projects, we are one of the best Training Institute in Hyderabad that provides Industry Level Training with Real Time Projects.

This advanced course on React JS and Redux is designed for developers looking to enhance their skills in building dynamic and scalable web applications. Through a combination of theoretical understanding and hands-on projects, participants will gain expertise in React’s component-based architecture and state management using Redux.

Introduction to ReactJS and ReactJS Entities

  • ReactJS Tutorial
  • React Introduction
  • React Version
  • React Installations
  • create-react-app
  • React Features
  • Pros & Cons
  • ReactJS vs Angular
  • ReactJS vs ReactNative
  • ReactJS vs Vue
  • React JSX
  • DOM vs Virtual DOM
  • React Components
  • React state & React Props
  • React Props Validation
  • React Constructor
  • React Component API
  • Component Life Cycle Methods
  • React Forms
  • Controlled vs Uncontrolled
  • React Events
  • Conditional Rendering
  • React Lists
  • React Keys
  • React Refs
  • React Fragments
  • React Router
  • React CSS
  • React Animation
  • React Bootstrap
  • React Map
  • React Table
  • Hgher-order Components
  • React Code Splitting
  • React Context (useContext Hook)
  • React Hooks
  • React Flux Concept

    Touchables and Buttons

    • React Redux
    • React Redux Example
    • React Portalsa
    • React Error Boundaries
    • Misc and MCQ
    • Loop Array in React JS
    • React Axios Delete Request
    • Example
    • React Multiple Checkbox
    • React-icons
    • React Date Picker
    • React Helmet
    • How To Create Sign up Form
    • End to End flow of React application
    • “React”(Client) + “node js” (Server) + MySql DB
    • “React”(Client) + Spingboot REST API(Server) + MySql DB

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the duration of the React JS with React Redux course?

    The duration of the course is designed to be flexible, typically ranging from XX to XX weeks. It ensures a comprehensive coverage of the topics along with hands-on projects.

    What is React Native mainly used for?

    React Native is an open-source UI software framework created by Meta Platforms, Inc. It is used to develop applications for Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows and UWP

    Is this course suitable for beginners in web development?

    This course is tailored for developers with prior experience in web development. It is recommended to have proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to fully benefit from the content.

    Can I take this course if I’m already familiar with React but not Redux?

    Absolutely! The course covers both React and Redux comprehensively. If you are already familiar with React, you can deepen your understanding by focusing on the Redux sections.
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