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Mule ESB is a lightweight and highly scalable(since it’s on cloud) Java-based enterprise service bus (ESB) and integration platform provided by MuleSoft.  Mule ESB allows developer to connect applications easily and quickly regardless of various technologies used by applications. MuleSoft’s Mule Enterprise Service Bus is a Java-based middleware solution that is reliable and easy to scale. It works with the Anytime Platform to perform any of the functions that middleware is supposed to. It has simple drag-and-drop graphical design. Mule ESB is capable of visual data mapping and transformation.

User can get the facility of 100s of pre-built certified connectors. Centralized monitoring and administration. Mule ESB can also do more by connecting to the Anypoint Platform and help companies build Service Oriented Architecture. By using a modern API-led approach, each integration becomes a reusable building block. Currently, industry giants such as Siemens, Splunk, Unilever, Fortune1000, HSBC etc. are happy customers of Mulesoft. Sales force acquired Mulesoft and Mule ESB is now the default choice for new integration needs for many companies.

Mule ESB is launched by Mule soft in 2006 and is acquired by salesforce in 2018. Mule ESB is a lightweight java-based enterprise service bus and integration platform provided by Mulesoft. Using Mule ESB, we can connect applications together quickly and easily which enables them to exchange the data between the applications. Mule ESB is used for integration and its cloud enabled. With learning Mule ESB, you will also know how to work with cloud and API Mule ESB can be designed, developed, deployed, managed, controlled, and monitored in cloud


  • Accelerated Delivery
  • Resilient Operations:
  • Future-proof Foundation:
  • Automated Security

MuleSoft Course Curriculum

  • Mule soft Introduction
  • XML and JSON
  • Mule installation and overview of any point studio
  • Simple Rest service creation in Mule
  • Test and Debug/Mule Message structure
  • Types of Mule Flows
  • Consuming a http rest service
  • Consume Rest service passing JSON and XML data
  • Consume Rest Service by passing URI and Query prams
  • Choice Router
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  • Link to a Git Repository
  • Consuming a SOAP Web service
  • DB interface – Insert JSON data to DB with Stored Proc
  • Post XML data to update the data to DB
  • Fetch records from DB using query parameter
  • Delete records from DB using URI parameters
  • JMS interface – jms publisher to publish the messages to queue
  • jms consumer to consume the messages from jms topic/queue
  • FTP interface – Read csv file from FTP location
  • Read the records from DB and write to FTP in excel file
  • File end point and water marking
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  • Processing Large number of records using Mule Batching
  • Understanding and deployment to cloud hub
  • Deployment to On-Prime server
  • Scatter- Gather Router
  • Error handling -1
  • Error handling -2
  • Data weave -1
  • Data weave -2
  • Munit
  • Sales force integration
  • Design API specification using RAML
  • configuration properties with YAML file

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mulesoft require coding?

Tableau does not require coding. You don’t need any programming skill but you need the analytical mind of a coder to succeed.

What is Mulesoft mainly used for?

It is basically a data visualization tool which provides pictorial and graphical representations of data

Is Mulesoft difficult to learn?

It is very fast to deploy, easy to learn and very intuitive to use for a customer.

Can I attend a demo session before enrollment?

Yes you can attend a free demo lecture.
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